The Arica School® (“Arica”), including its organizations, Arica Institute, Inc. (“AI”) and The Oscar Ichazo Foundation, Inc. (“OIF”), is aligned with the nine Integral Ethics and the principle that the Arica Teachings are available to every person who is interested in benefiting from the Arica curriculum. Given this basic condition, all conduct, activities and deliberations of Arica and its organizations’ employees, Sponsors, Organizers, Profactors, training team members, support staff, and volunteers, and the conduct of members of the public participating in Arica programs, will be guided by the nine Integral Ethics and this Code of Conduct. The nine points of Integral Ethics include Self-responsibility, Commitment, Integrity, Brotherhood, Dedication, Acceptance, Perseverance, Loyalty, and culminate in Unity. When embodied as an orientation toward The Good for all humanity, the nine points are expressed as higher behavioral manifestations.

Anti-Discrimination Principles

Arica does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, or any other legally protected category, in any of its activities, operations, or programs. Arica is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of its staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors and clients, and for its membership and all those who participate in Arica programs. All AI and OIF officers and directors, employees, Sponsors, trainers, apprentices and volunteers, team members, and all participants in Arica programs are expected to abide by these principles.

For Arica Group Trainings, AI and licensed Sponsors are expected to make reasonable accommodations for qualified disabilities, provided accommodations do not significantly interfere with the learning process and training environment.

Anti-Harassment Principles

Arica is committed in all areas to providing a work, membership and program environment that is free from unlawful harassment based upon an individual’s gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, national origin, disability, marital status, military or veteran status, age, religion, or any other legally protected category. Such harassment will not be tolerated. All AI and OIF officers and directors, employees, Sponsors, trainers, apprentices and volunteers, team members, and all participants in Arica programs are expected to abide by these principles.

Sexual harassment may include behavior of a sexual nature that is unwelcome and offensive to the person or persons targeted. Examples of sexually harassing behavior may include unwanted physical contact, foul language of an offensive sexual nature, sexual propositions, sexual jokes or remarks, obscene gestures or noises, sexual innuendo, graphic comments on a person’s body, displays of pornographic or sexually explicit pictures, drawings, or caricatures, and sexual references including use of emojis with sexual connotations.

Failure to Abide by the Anti-Harassment and
Anti-Discrimination Principles

Failure to abide by the principles outlined above may be grounds for disciplinary action, including termination of the relationship with Arica, AI, and/or OIF.

All Arica Sponsors are required to investigate promptly any complaints of discriminatory or harassing conduct or suspected conduct on the part of training team members, support staff, volunteers and/or participants in Arica Programs. If any person maintains that a Sponsor is not properly investigating their complaint, the person may ask AI to investigate and should contact

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