Arica® Profactor Application

A Profactor is a Proficient who is motivated and authorized to present Arica programs as part of the School’s ongoing embodiment of the Work for the benefit of all and the realization of Humanity-One.

Eligibility Criteria (Synopsis)

  1. You are a current Voting Member. (Exceptions: Non-voting Members may apply for certification for Psychocalisthenics®, which requires only current Arica membership.)
  2. You are active in the individual trainings and daily routines of the School and have completed or are working toward completion of the Line of the School, in addition to participating in monthly group practices and Tunings.
  3. You have participated in or apprenticed for the training for which certification is being applied.

Profactor Application and Certification Procedure

  1. You submit one Profactor Application Form for each training in which you wish to be certified.
  2. TASCC reviews your application(s) and receives evaluations from certified Profactors.
  3. TASCC notifies you with the result of your application(s).
  4. Once you are certified, your name will be added to the Profactor and Sponsor Sections of the Members’ Website.

In the Spirit of Unity
The Trainings and Sponsors Coordinating Committee

How to Apply

Before filling out this application form, please read
Arica Profactor – Policies and Guidelines.


To apply, please fill in the form below. The form must be completed with all requested information, or it will need to be resubmitted.